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Dad to be of Twins

Hi, my BF and I are expecting twins, due to him working, and me out on leave, he does not go with me to my doctors appointment, however, I share with him. When he is off, and is able to go with me to the doctor, he sits in the waiting area, until after I have my sonogram. He explained to me, the reason why he does not want to see the sonograms is because he wants to be surprised at the end, with the looks and sex of the babies. He also says, in the past, we did not have technology, you had your baby with hopes. So I believe this, or be concern? Is this normal male attitude? I am starting to think, he is not happy about having them. 

Re: Dad to be of Twins

  • If he wants to be surprised I say let him.  No reason to force someone to know the sex if they choose not to.

  • I am all for waiting for to find out the sex of the babies. But my concerns is he does not want to see the sonograms at all, which does not reveal the sex. 
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  • Hmm, maybe hide them in the sports section? 

    That's strange, I've enjoyed seeing the pics and sharing them with our parents. Having the ultrasound pictures and seeing the baby moving on the screen just made the whole thing seem more real to me.  It's the 21st century, he should probably get with the times.

  • I like that, lol, hide them in a sports section. I had to really think about it, and in answering my question it could be fear as well, we had a previous miscarriage. So he just may not want to set himself for disappointment, but I have the strength and faith all will be just fine this time! 
  • Thanks!!! and yes he will be in the delivery room, no doubt about it. Supportive he is. 
  • Some people don't want to know... they stay "team green" right up to when the baby is brought into the world.  As far seeing the "looks" of the baby, he won't really get all that great of a perspective of what your children will look like unless it is a 3D/4D, as all you get is a profile.

    Me personally, for our first, I went to every appointment, saw every ultrasound.  Second time around, I went for the major appointments, but I knew the bulk of them were just a doppler, a measurement and a couple questions, so I skipped those to allow her more flexibility in scheduling the appointments, but made sure I attended all ultrasounds and the "big" appointments.

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