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I am on the bump because I am pregnant and have two older kids. My concern and question is this baby is so much younger then my other two he will practically be an only child. I was only child and hated it!! But medically I am not sure if I will be able to have another after this one. I have high risk pregnancies and I am not as young as I used to be.

So, basically I know nothing about adoption. If there is long waits which is what I am gathering when should I start process? I want to make sure I use proper channels. What should I look up? Any signs or ways to see if company is reputable? I know I am lacking knowledge but hoping I could be pointed in correct direction.


Re: newbie question

  • Hi and welcome.

    There's an FAQ at the top of the board. It has a lot of resources for you to find out about adoption, including some general overviews. Depending on the route you take the wait could be long (years) or relatively short (the length of an average pregnancy from start to finish). There are web sites with feedback on particular agencies, if that's the route you take (you don't have to use an agency, depending on your state).


  • Thank you so much.


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