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Baby Kicks

My baby girl kicks non-stop! This is my 2nd, and I don't remember my 1st kicking so much. I know it's a good thing she moves so much as opposed to not moving at all, but are there ways to maybe calm her down in there?? It's getting pretty painful :) although I do love feeling her move.

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  • I hear ya! In the same boat. My son was active but not nearly as active as she is. I am chalking it up to maybe she is just larger than my son was (he was tiny when he was born). And so far the only thing I have found to "calm" my girl down is to rub my belly or just rest my hand on it. It seems to work better though when my hubby does Don't know if it is the weight of his hand or what.

     And I do like the fact she moves so much especially because this will be our last one but...boy does it hurt sometimes! 

  • I'm pregnant with my 2nd son and this was also the case with me. My first didn't seem to move much. In fact, I only remember one huge movement at about 6 months along (one month before he was born--he was born at 32 weeks and 3 days). It felt like he had turned from head up to head down position. This one, I can feel WAY more! The reason for the difference is most likely the position of the placenta. You can have an anterior placenta: the placenta is in front of the baby, between the baby and your abdominal wall, which greatly reduces the amount of movement you can feel. Or you can have a posterior placenta: the placenta is behind the baby, between the baby and your spine. In the case of a posterior placenta, you'll be able to feel lots more movement than you would with an anterior placenta. I suspect that I had an anterior placenta with my first. I KNOW that I have a posterior placenta with this one. My OB has told me that I do.

    Hope that helps explain the mystery of why we feel some babies moving more than others.

  • This is my third baby my first two were boys and seemed a lot less active, this one is supposed to be a girl I wonder if gender has anything to do with activity? I also have an anterior placenta this time around so maybe i'm just feeling more/ things differently. 
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  • Haha! I hear ya! I am in my 8th month, and baby's movements feel more like stretching and grabbing. Sometimes I think that he is literally grabbing my ribs. It doesn't hurt - just feels uncomfortable. I am not a very big pregnant woman. In fact, everyone that I meet thinks I am only 5 months pregnant. I cannot even image how I would feel if I was twice the size!
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