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Our baby girl is 7 1/2 months and has been in the bundle me sleep sack since she was born. Being bundled helps her fall asleep at night/nap time. She gets her arms out every night and is fine and able to sleep still. So I really want to try getting her out of the sleep sack all together now that it's getting warmer out. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this? Tips would be greatly appreciated! I did try the armless sleep sack but that didn't go well. Thank you so much!

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  • If she can stay asleep with her arms out, then just hold her tight with her arms down until she falls asleep, and then lay her in her crib. 
  • Thank you both! Ill try! :
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  • imagedelaine0821:
    If she can stay asleep with her arms out, then just hold her tight with her arms down until she falls asleep, and then lay her in her crib. 

     Not sure I would follow this.  Then she'll just get used to falling asleep in your arms, which won't be good for you in the long run either.  I think you're just going to have to fight through it and let her learn how to sleep with out it.  You may find it easier than you think, just give it more than 1 or 2 nights.

  • Not sure  that I can be of much help here but I'm in the same situation. DS2 has been swaddled (swaddleme) since day 1 and I'm now trying to break him of it. He is able to sleep through the night with it so it's really frustrating right now b/c he's no longer STTN. What I'm doing is putting him to bed unswaddled, on his belly. He stays asleep generally for about 5 or so hours and wakes somewhere around 2/3 at which time he eats. Last night I left him to play/whine for a bit before going to get him hoping he'd fall back asleep but it soon turned into a cry and since I also have a 3yo to deal with I don't want him waking up as well so I went in and fed him. At that point I swaddled him and he slept till wake up time at 630.

    I'm HOPING that one of these nights he'll just manage to sleep through and eventually get used to it... if this doesn't happen by next week I'll probably leave him unswaddled after that MOTN wake, we'll see... it's tough at 3am when I just want to sleep! We went through this sort of thing with DS1 as well and I remember going from a baby that STTN to one that woke a few times/night before he got the hang of it and it was horrible. It's a tough transition but in the long run it's worth it, once DS1 broke of the swaddle he became a great sleeper! GL!

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  • My 7 1/2 month old boy also has been sleeping with his swaddle since he was newborn. Recently, he tried to pull his one arm out and able to sleep so we left him alone. When we needed to feed him around 3am, then we swaddled him again but not too tight so he can have his arms out and able to fall asleep on his own. After a few weeks of one arm out and then both arms out, we are able to have him sleep with his blanket sleep sack. You need to transition from sleep sack to blanket sleep sack slowly.
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