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my 5 week old has the flu :-(

Over the weekend Jackson was being super fussy, and just crying for no reason - DH and I thought it was the onset of colic. On Sunday, he started to run a little warm, but there was no "Fever" - I was thinking it was from crying so much. He was still eating fine, and had wet diapers. Late sunday he starting "throwing up" so I told DH I was calling the dr. first thing monday.
I called and  got an appt for that afternoon (yesterday). By then he was acting fine, awake and happy. I was starting to feel like an idiot for rushing to the dr, and my DH kept saying everything was prob fine, that maybe we just needed to change his formula, maybe he was just gassy.
The dr. had the lab do a CBC, a strept culture and a flu culture, 10 minutes later she came in and said he was positive for the flu!!
I was relived that I wasnt crazy I started crying (silly I know!) but glad it wasnt all in my head. Dr. gave him an RX for tamaflu (which is hard to get now, after flu season, so had to go to 3 pharmacys), pedialyte and baby tylonal. Thankfully my chunky monkey is over 12 lbs, so he can have the doeses of tylonal.
He slept most of the day yesterday, and overnight developed a little congestion and some wheezing. He has a follow up today at 1, so am going to talk to her about the wheezing and labored breathing, and see if he can have a breathing treatment - I really dont want him to end up with pnemonia.
Anyway, I am glad I listented to my mommy gut and took him to the dr especially since im not one to run to the dr. for every little thing. He should hopefully be feeling better by the end of the week...
So for advice: Always trust your instinct and see a dr. if you just get that feeling...Flu is soooo dangerous in babies and its better to get it caught early!  

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Re: my 5 week old has the flu :-(

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