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Hey fellas. I gave birth last year and now I'm doing a research about healthy food recipes or diet regimen that will help me get back into shape as I really gained a lot of weight. Some food preparations that goes well with exercise.  I would love to hear tips, suggestions and stories from you mums.

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  • As soon as I was ready to start losing weight, I logged in to MyPlate on the Livestrong website (it's Lance Armstrong's website).  And, I started to log EVERY.SINGLE.THING that I put in my mouth.  

    They have calorie counts for virtually everything, and you can also track your exercise, and calories burned.

    You put in your information and it spits out a caloric goal in order to lose X lbs per week.

    It worked wonders.  I lost 85lbs in 14 months.  I started by JUST counting calories for 8 weeks.  Then, I introduced walking for 4 weeks.  Then, I added Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred with my walking (4-6 miles per day).  Then, I started running 1-5 miles 5x per week.  Then, I started doing Jillian Michaels AND running 1-5 miles 5x per week.

    The weight just fell off.  I literally never struggled.  Once I changed my mind and started seeing results, I was hooked.  From 238 to 154 in just over a year. 

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  • abbyfulabbyful member

    I don't do it to lose weight, but I am 100% convinced that paleo/primal is the healthiest diet out there!

    And many people have great success losing weight on it. There's no calorie counting, just eating real, nutrient-dense food. Many paleo/primal followers couple it with cross-fit.  


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  • Thank you all for the tips... will definitely try those. P.S @Abbyful - You have a great picture with your hubby and baby. Lovely :-)
  • That sounds very interesting. It would be very helpful to be guided with the amount of calories you're having. 

     85 lbs in 14 months is quite an achievement and works wonder even if you're not starving yourself. Thank you for this. I will definitely try this one and will let all of you know how I progress :-)

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