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I have a FB  for ds but it feel like its too low for him (he is very tall), I was thinking of trying the BG ones but wasn't sure how they fit. Can anyone give some insight  to their fit?
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Re: pockets

  • Kawaii has a higher rise
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  • image MrsPteranodon:
    Kawaii has a higher rise

    This. Our stash is half Kawaii and half FB for this very reason. If DD every outgrows the rise (unlikely, she's very petite) of the FB, we have more dipes. 

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  • DS was tall and on the chubby.  BG worked great for us!  Definitley get the snaps though as the velcro didn't last long.
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  • Thanks ladies.
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  • DD was very long and lean and I could never get FB to fit well at all.  We had great luck with the BGs.  Never tried Kawaii, so I can't compare that one.  
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