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Too much sleep?

My LO is three weeks old today! During the day he sleeps, literally, almost the entire day. He wakes when he's hungry or has a at diaper, but falls asleep shortly after. At night, he wakes up more often and stays awake a little bit more. he definietly has his days and nights backwards .. My question is, is it normal at 3 weeks to be sleeping so much?

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  • Yep, totally normal.
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    Definitely so. My 8 weeker sleeps a lot still, only awake for an hour at most two at a time during the day. He has that one big chunk of time awake then it's back to waking only to eat and be changed then immediately asleep again. He also sleeps well at night, wakes once and goes right back to sleep.

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  • Yup. Babies sleep a lot and have to sort of be trained to understand the difference between day and night. At night, try talking softly and not interacting too much with baby. Just change, feed, and put back to sleep. Also, try putting nightlights in whatever room you do changes and feedings in that way you can avoid turning on bright lights.
    We've done this with our son and it has definitely helped. He isn't a perfect night sleeper by any means but has improved.
  • Yes, that is totally normal. At 3 weeks, sleeping was the only thing DS wanted to do besides eat. At 8 weeks, he still sleeps a lot but he tends to be more awake during the day and sleep longer at night.

  • Just wanted to add that we were having the same issue with our newborn sleeping more during the day and waking more frequently at night. Our pedi recommended getting him outside around the same time each day, so we started taking him out for walks in his stroller around 4 pm every day and it seemed to help. I also second what a pp said about keeping things dark and avoiding too much stimulation at night. Also, when ds wakes up fussing at night we always change him before I feed him so that we can pop him back into the crib easily when he is sleeping postfeeding.


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