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Not Eating

DS hasn't had much of an appetite for the past few days. He's always had a good appetite and occasionally he won't want to eat but it's maybe one meal out of the day this is more like every meal for the past 5 days. He takes two bites and he is done.

I wonder if he is teething because his fingers are constantly in his mouth but it kind of concerns me that it's been almost a week. He even says no to his favorite foods which tells he is just not hungry.

Any thoughts?

Re: Not Eating

  • Have his canines come in yet? DD1 started teething with those about 3-4 weeks ago and it was about 2 weeks of torture. She hardly wanted to eat anything, nights were awful, and the hysterical crying fits I posted about 2 posts down? Pretty sure that was all tied into the teething because since 3 of the 4 canines have broken through (no sign of the 4th yet), there have been no more tantrums like those. Thank goodness.

    So I'd ride it out a bit before getting too concerned. I'm guessing he's teething.

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  • Thanks guys. Yeah I think he might have a couple molars coming and on top of that yesterday he came down with a temp and an awful cough. Oh joy.
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  • Will the teething every end?!?  AGH!
  • image prisschris:
    Will the teething every end?!?  AGH!

    Totally! I'm so over teething! 

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