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7 month old not eating

DD will be 7 months this Thursday & has all of a sudden lost interest in eating, she had a cold last week so I didn't really worry but now that the cold is pretty much gone I am starting to get worried.  She usually has a bottle at around 7 am and then cereal with fruit, bottle @ 11 am, veggie @ 1/1:30, bottle @ 2:30, bottle @ 530 (sometimes cereal also), and then cereal & bottle at 8 pm before bed.  Before now she was a great eater & couldn't get the formula/ food down fast enough.  Has anyone else experience this?  Could she still be getting over her cold?  Could she be teething? 


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Re: 7 month old not eating

  • I remember this happened with my son around this age.  We had to reduce his solid food intake.  The pedi told us that he wasn't eating enough ounces of breastmilk, so we just cut down the amount of solids.  I think I went back to twice a day and that did the trick.  GL!
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  • My DS is doing this too. I am starting to cut back his solids to twice a day and less each time (used to be 3 times a day). Hopefully that helps.
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  • When my LO is sick she isn't a fan of the bottle but she'll eat solids.  I just try to best to get ANYTHING in to her.  I have even gotten to the point where I gave her pedialyte in a medicine syringe just so she'd get fluid.  It's normal but keep an eye out for signs of dehydration: lethargy, sunken eyes, sunken soft spot. 
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