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Moms of twins...when did you start showing?

Just wondering when moms of twins or moms having twins started to show? I'm only 10 weeks but can't wait to start showing. I know everyone is different but just curious on everyone's answers. 

Re: Moms of twins...when did you start showing?

  • I feel like I started showing earlier than what I did because of bloat. I was probably noticeably pregnant around 16 weeks. I was a size 12, so it may have been earlier if I were thinner.


  • I am 14 weeks and am very obviously pregnant now.  I am about 5'4 and normally wear a size 4/6.  I'm also very short-waisted.  I don't know if having a  short torso might make a difference but I started showing pretty early. It was mostly bloat in the beginning but now it is a very well defined round bump.   Week 13 was the last week that I tried to stuff myself into my old pants, using a hair elastic in the buttonhole to keep them on.  There's no way I could get into them now (or probably ever again).   


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  • i am 10 weeks and i'm showing (second pregnancy). I started off bloated due to IF treatments, but i think i got signs of a real bump around week 8.

    Im in maternity clothes now.

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  • I'm 10 weeks and I'm showing, too.  This is my second pregnancy like PP.  

     I'm still in some of my jeans with belly bands, but some don't fit already.  I'm in about half maternity clothes.   

  • I started showing around 12 weeks.  I am a pre-pregnancy size 4/6 and 5'2". These are our firsts but I was showing early.  Enjoy your time now!  
  • Don't worry, you'll show plenty!

    I could see a difference around 10 weeks, started wearing maternity pants around 11. It wasn't obvious to others until closer to 18 weeks. 6' tall and a size 6, so my long torso probably accounted for me showing late.
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  • Around 1618 weeks I was showing, it took awhile but it'll come!
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  • I stopped buttoning my pants around 8w, looked fat around 13w, looked pg to people who knew me around 16w and was obviously pg to strangers at 19w. I'm 5'6" and a size 6 not pg and this is my second pg.

    Now at not quite 26w it's turned into the wow you must be due soon and whoa look how big you are comments. Good times.

  • I was in maternity pants by 8 weeks, and obviously pregnant by 16 weeks. When I was riding downstairs in the elevator after my anatomy scan at 20 weeks, the priest in the elevator said "wow! You must be ready any day now!"
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  • By 15/16 weeks there was NO hiding it. 

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  • I thought I was showing at 10/11w, but when I look back at pix, it was more obvious around 13/14w.  I was wearing my pants with a belly band before my BFP due to bloat from IVF.  I'm 5'4", size 6ish when I'm not pregnant.  
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  • I'm almost 15 weeks and still not really showing yet.  But I'm 5'7" and a size 12/14 pre-pregnancy, so I feel like maybe if I wasn't so chubby I'd be showing a little more by now.  I've given up buttoning my jeans now but still don't really feel like there's a bump, just fat...ugh.
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  • I didn't show until 22 weeks. Also at 28 weeks I was as big as I am now at 13 weeks with just one baby. 

    But I am tall, I have wide hips, I carried them both in my back, and they were my first pregnancy. 

  • between 13-15 weeks I think. I was about a size 8 at the begining of pregnancy
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  • I was in maternity clothes at 12 weeks, and it was completely obvious to other people by 20 weeks. Second pregnancy, and I am tall and chubby with a long torso. For comparison, I wasn't in maternity clothes  completely until about 25 weeks the first time, and I didn't get a stranger comment until past 35 weeks.

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  • I bloat like crazy in pregnancy. I was in maternity jeans at 8w, but got stranger questions at 13. I'm 5'1" and wore a 4/6 before pregnancy. I'm also super short waisted, so I think that may have had something to do with it.
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  • I had to go back and look at pics because I was super bloated for a while and couldn't remember when real pg belly showed. So bloat through week 10 then fairly normal belly through week 12. Little bump through week 15 and then noticeable at 16. I am a size 12/14 but carry my weight in hips and legs, not really on top. Plus I have a long torso.
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    I thought I would be showing more by now. I'm only 13 weeks, but I'm short with a small frame and size 2/4 pre-pregnancy.  The babies were measuring ahead of schedule at last week's NT scan so I guess they have enough room in there. I can't button my skinny jeans any more, but I dont look pregnant at all. I was a little concerned yesterday, but these answers are reassuring. 
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  • I was already in my biggest jeans and even some maternity pants at 10 weeks, but it was concealable. I hid it up until my students left for the summer at 14 weeks, but it was a real challenge. I think some of the parents could tell at graduation.
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  • The boys were my first pregnancy and I only really started showing 16-17 weeks...with that said we didn't know we were having twins up until our 18 week u/s so I wasn't showing big enough for my Dr. to suspect a twin pregnancy.

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  • I didn't realize that I was showing, but at 11 weeks when I announced the pregnancy to my boss and co-workers, they were all like: "Knew it!" I had to start buying new clothes around 12 weeks.
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  • I'm 5'1 and wore size 0/2 before being pregnant. I couldn't fit in my normal jeans by week 12 and by week 15 my bump was clearly showing. I'm currently 21 weeks and there's not a single place I go where someone doesn't ask if I know what I'm having. I love their reaction when I tell them they're twins though.
  • I had a tiny little bump at 12 weeks, and thought I looked obviously pregnant at 14 weeks. Of course, looking back, I realize that I probably look more pregnant NOW (five months postpartum) than I did at 12 weeks pregnant!!
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