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Anyone else give their baby probiotics? It's suppose to help babies with constipation, colic and tummy troubles. I started giving my baby probiotic drops for constipation after introducing solids. I use the brand BioGaia probiotic drops and LOVE it! Works soooo great! The only problem is how super expensive it is. The small tiny bottle cost almost $30, and it only last a month is used everyday. If anyone is also giving their baby probiotics, which brand are you using? I'd like recommendations for another kind that's good and more affordable. TIA! =)

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  • Sorry, I can't help. We also use BioGaia. I feel like it helps a lot.  We've never had constipation issues and it seems to help with his reflux.  I have heard that giving daily yogurt can have a similar effect if you want to try that.  I haven't because we're on Alimentum formula so I'm waiting until I get a dairy go ahead from the pediatrician.
  • Not sure if you are FF but Gerber makes Soothe which has probiotics in it...We used to feed Gerber Gentle with the Biogaia added. I researched and found Soothe which had the same probiotics as Biogaia and obviously cheaper since I didn't have to add an extra $30 a month for the extra probiotics..It worked just as well. Just an option to think about.

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  • We use Jarrow Babydophilous which is a powder and somewhat cheaper.

     There is a $3 rebate for BioGaia. Still expensive but every bit helps, right?$3Rebate.pdf


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