And the Plot Thickens...

Good Morning!

 Things have been so busy in the last 2 weeks! Last week I wrote about not being "picked" for a potential match and then it falling through and being asked by our agency if we are interested in being reconsidered (which we are). We are waiting to hear if we are a match...and....

To make a long story short, the housing market is crazy hot in our area right now. We decided to put our place on the market to test the waters and see if there is any interest in our city condo. Well, we had our first open house yesterday and we sold our home with multiple offers!!! YIkes!!!

We are thinking we are going to rent for a few months since prices are unreal and there is a severe lack of inventory.

How does this work while we are "Waiting" to be matched? Does our home study report need to reflect a change in living? Do we update our book to reflect our change in living situation since we have a whole section showing our home and neighborhood. And, if we are a match with this couple, the baby is due 2 weeks before closing. Deep breathes!!! 

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    That is awesome that you sold so quickly.  I would talk to your social worker.  Are you planning on staying in the same state?  If so shouldn't be an issue.

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  • Thanks IRR! Just wanted to put the feelers out before calling the agency!   

    We are planning on renting in either our current neighborhood or my parents neighborhood, which is 5-7 minutes away.

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  • Congrats on a fast sale!  That is amazing in today's economy--it must have been meant to be.  Wink

    Our CW told us that we have to do an update if anything changes with our housing or job situation while we are waiting.  I would talk to yours and see what they say. 

    I hope it goes well!

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  • Congrats on selling so quickly! We were also told that we had to do an update if we moved. 
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  • Yes, you'll need to update both your homestudy and your profile book.

    We did our homestudy update in February for #2 and our SW noticed our for sale sign. She told us we would have to do another update when we get into our new home. She also mentioned doing a different profile.

    In the end, we decided to wait until we moved to into our new home. We have bought a new home and move Memorial weekend, and we just sold ours last week. I have our profile book ready to print except for house pics. We'll have the SW come back once we're settled to update our homestudy.

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