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Kindle case/cover

I am looking for a durable case for my twins kindle?  Any recommendations?  TIA
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Re: Kindle case/cover

  • I have fisher price covers for ours. I had to purchase online, but worth it! 40 each instead of 80 for a life proof or otterbox case. Kids have dropped theirs and no issues!!! Pink or blue
  • We went with the Otterbox. It's WORTH the money! DS has dropped it, spilled on it and sat on it (it was in his carseat) and it's still going strong. Worth every penny.


    Crazy story, but a friend of mine has an Otterbox for her iPhone. She didn't realize she had dropped her phone in a parking lot and when she went to look for it, she found it with tire tracks across the front. and her phone was fine. CRAZY. I love our Otterbox.

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