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Big Ten realignment

OK... I know we have a bunch of Big Ten fans in here so I thought I'd see what people thought of this.

Big Ten is now losing the Leaders and Legends divisions and going pure geography with East and West.

East is now:  Maryland, Rutgers, Indiana, Penn St., Ohio St., Michigan, Michigan St.

West is now:  Northwestern, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Purdue, Illinois, Wisconsin


The only protected cross division game that will occur every year is Indiana/Purdue.


Re: Big Ten realignment

  • Frankly, I like the idea that it protects all the major rivalries.  However, I think at least for the time being, the East is unfairly stacked.  Ohio State and Michigan are perennial powerhouses, then you have Penn State and Michigan State who very often field top 25 teams, granted Penn State still has 3 more years of Sandusky/Paterno related penalties to ride out.  The West pretty much has Nebraska and Wisconsin and a group of teams who quite frankly are erratic as to how good they are where they'll be good for 3-5 years and then be mediocre or worse for a decade.
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    Yeah I know it's all cyclical, but I still think the east is stacked.  Michigan St. should have been in the west to help balance things out.

    Don't forget about Iowa.  They have been pretty good.  It was only a couple years ago that they won the Orange bowl.  

    I am glad to no longer have the Legends and Leaders names!

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  • Is this only football, or all sports?
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • football only.  basketball has not gone to divisions as yet... and very unlikely to.  all other sports will remain the same.
    there are two motivations in sports, which is yours?
  • I'll be bummed if Minnesota doesn't play Michigan every year, even if Michigan almost always wins that game.

    I am glad Minny won't always have to travel to Maryland or New Jersey though.
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • About time that they did something logical and they got rid of the back to back Michigan/OSU games if both won their divisions and went into the Big Ten Championship.

    The bad part is that the West is going to be the weak division most years.  Rutgers and Indiana are the weakest in the East with all but one having at least one National Championship over the years.


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    Maryland and Indiana are currently the weakest in the East. 

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