Gift for adopting 3 children

Hi! My SIL and her husband are adopting 3 children, and we are so incredibly happy for them. It is a 18 month old girl, 5 year old boy, and 7 year old girl. They have never had children before, so they are happy and excited and probably a little nervous too. Does anyone have advice on a shower gift or just general advice on how I should help as a good SIL? Thanks!

Re: Gift for adopting 3 children

  • A family-oriented gift is popular around these parts: zoo membership, museum passes, and the like.

    As a good SIL, you should help like you would with any ILs who have kids. Just be aware that they may be limiting a lot of contact with extended family as they bond with their kids. So don't be offended if they don't take you up on babysitting offers or plans to go out. Dropping by quickly with meals will likely be much appreciated

  • I agree with Dr. Loretta, something family oriented like zoo membership or family portrait package or something like that.  As far as advice, just be there, don't force your advice on her, and some meals in the first few weeks would be greatly appreciated as she will have her hands full getting settled.  Offer to go over and help her by spending time with her and the kids together.  Offer to let her and her husband get a night out for a date night once in awhile.  Little things are helpful.
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