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Hi everyone!!! I'm a newbie as of just last week so I wanted to say hi and I'm looking forward to learning so much from all of you. This is our first so I have no idea what to expect or do, so be patient with me if I ask stupid questions; we are so excited as we have been trying for two years and tried ivf and was sucessful on the first time. Praying all for continued success in this first trimester. Where are each of you ladies at with your pregnancy? Any advice for a newbie?

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  • Hi! Congrats : how far along are you?
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  • I think I'm 4 weeks and a couple days. I have my second beta hcg test tomorrow so hope to find out m
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  • How far along are u?
  • welcome and  congrats! you mustve just gotten your BFP! C: make sure to participate in your due month board. those get way more activity than this board and are more than likely going to be more helpful. i love the ladies on my board. i am currently 7 months pregnant in the third trimester due on July 26 with a little boy. FX for a sticky baby! as a first time mom also i dont have much experience either but i do have advice for the boards. ask questions. no question is a stupid question

    1. make sure to read board etiquettes as some,if not most, "veterans" on the boards will flame you if you dont follow.

    2. read up on the acronyms to know the lingo

    3. dont DD, which means Dirty Delete. if you get flamed on a post dont try and delete and take everything with a grain of salt. youll do fine. these ladies are helpful and mean well 

    happy and healthy pregnancy! PM me whenever if you want! c: 

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