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Anyone in the area using a doula? How did you find her?

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  • I am using a doula. I got names from my OB. This helped narrow my search and know who has a relationship with the dr and has worked with them before. Also check out DONA online , they have a list. Where are you located and due, I'd be happy to send you the name of mine.
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  • Thanks for the info, I'm in Leesburg and due October!
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  • Look up Nova doulas I used Fern Compton for my dd, she was a lifesaver well, technically a naturalbirth saver as I'm not sure I could have done it without her! Highly recommend.
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    I'm using Marilyn Alger and really excited about it. She's out of Mannassas so I'm not sure if Leesburg would work.
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  • Birth Options Alliance website is good. And

    I found mine there, after chats with several.
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