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Itching for some range time

Mobile Itching for some range time.

It's been about 3 months, since my last shooting range visit. I've been dying to send some lead down range, I have about 120 .22 rounds, 70/ 12ga rounds. I would love to break out the 3030 but I can't afford the 1.67 per bullet prices. Any other recreational shooters?

Re: Itching for some range time

  • When I was younger I was a recreational shooter.  When I get around my relatives who have guns we will shoot some rounds.
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  • Back in 2006 a buddy and I would spend about 100 bucks a day over the weekend on bullets. Now, I'm flucking annoyed. The babysitter we were supposed to interview at 2pm, totally just blew us off. Third time this has happened.
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