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Good Hospital In Buffalo.?

This is my first child and i need to know what hospital is the best for me to deliver at.??

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  • Find out where your dr delivers and repost the choices ....
  • Buffalo Mercy! It received a 2012 excellence award. See:
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    If you are high risk (or the baby is) deliver at Childrens.  They have a world class NICU
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  • Your doctor will be able to advise you what hospitals they deliver at. I delivered at Sisters 10 months ago and they were amazing! Good luck!


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  • I am prego with my first baby and i am so worried about wat hospital i should go thru my obgyn is at sisters but my baby is gunna need to be in the nicu n i have no idea wat i should do any advice fello baby mama's?? 
  • sisters has a level 3 nicu. I was sent there due to preterm labor at 24 weeks just for the fact they have such a high level. I was there for 6 weeks on bedrest and they are wonderful! They are more than prepared to care for a preterm baby. The next step up is woman and children's which is a level 4. The only difference is they do surgery, some minor surgeries can be done at sisters however.
  • They are great! I had two there and also lost a baby and had to go there and they were so considerate and respectful to everything
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