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starting finger foods?

Ok you would thing I would know this, but what were some of the first finger foods you started with your LO?

E has had puffs,toast,yogurt bites and bananas so far, but I am not sure what other things would be good for just starting finger foods?!

 Also, have you heard that they are starting to change the age of introducing nuts and fish and stuff that you use to have to wait to try?! My Doctor told me at E appt!  


Re: starting finger foods?

  • We started with alot of the same things you mentioned.  I think we just gave M small pieces of whatever we had for dinner if possible. 

    Our pedi said we could try peanut butter around 15 months.  We gave her a little about a month ago. She has had flounder and salmon. At her 15 month appt on Friday, he said to hold off on actual nuts and shellfish. 

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