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I read about your vision news in the other thread. Does Nate have CVI?

Don't give up on the school for the deaf option. There are many people trained in what is called "deaf-blindness" (Nate is not blind, but qualifies as low vision, with his acuity.)

You can learn about what's out there at www.nationaldb.org .  You can click on the map to get a link to your state's organization.

Please let me know if I can help with any questions! I am not an expert, but I can help you find info.


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  • They did a CVI assessment and according to that he does not have it. One of his classmates scored as a Grade 3 so I will also pass on the website to his mom who is also one of my friends. Thanks!

    He has been entered on to our state's deaf-blind database and they will follow him and provide supports until he is 21. The co-teacher in his class used to work at our school for the blind so I know he has someone watching his vision skills. :) The deaf school does not have a formal vision therapist. I am assuming this is because we have a seperate school for the blind and they have a deaf-blind program there. (?) Who knows.

    Our issue with placement at the deaf school is that the city has to buy into it. He will not get a general admission to the school, but rather admission into the Enhanced Services program. The school district has a financial loss with this placement. The deaf school also may want him to have an aid, so that will also come out of the district's pocket. We are still on an IFSP (until age 5 if we want).

    Complicating this issue even more is that we hve been encouraged by the medical community to get him an AAC device since his cognitive abilities are much higher than is motor abilities in speech and sign. Going this route will for sure get him an aid. An ACC device in a deaf school is not something that is seen or encouraged.

    Last but not least;  How fair is it to put a child with a vision impairment into an educational environment where all of the information is taught through a visual language? I don't want to make learning for him any harder than it has to be.

    It is a huge wait-and-see game. I am exhausted pondering the possibilities of the unknown. Thanks for 'listening' if you got this far. 

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