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So, expectant parent returned paperwork to agency and agency confirmed receipt. Now they just "need to talk with her," I reminded them of her school schedule and suggested that they make the birth parent coordinator a little more accessible. They have. So fingers crossed.


Oh, and they've lost the original of one of our letters, even though we mailed it, ourselves, certified 2-day. Gotta love it. 

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Re: Quick update

  • Glad she turned in the paper work and the coordinator is being flexible to meet her needs. Its annoying when paperwork is lost- I mean that's the biggest part of their service, managing paperwork and yet something still always gets lost.
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  • I'm at the point in my life where I play the "If I did my job the way you did yours" game. And frankly, if I did my job the half-a**ed way they did theirs, I'd be fired.
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  • I am happy to hear they are finally getting a move on.  Hang tough, and keep on pushing. ;-)
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