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1st. period after c-section. Yikes!

Im 7weeks pp after c-section and my first period showed up today and all i can say is Yikes!! I have always had heavy painful periods so i was expecting that part. however i did not expect to feel like my  insides are coming out of my incision scar everytime i stand up and walk around! My incision area also feels swollen and tender. all i want to do is curl up in bed, but am on my own with baby while DH is working away from home. anyone else feel like this?

Re: 1st. period after c-section. Yikes!

  • sounds weird? with both csections my period felt normal...just like before i got pregnant
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  • I got my first PP period super early after my c/s- about 3 weeks after my PP bleeding stopped, and the first day and a half or so were really, really horrible. Probably one of the worst I've ever had. I hope it passes for you soon!

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    sounds weird? with both csections my period felt normal...just like before i got pregnant

    I think this sounds weird. Everyone I know has said their pp periods were super intense. I never felt like my insides were coming out, nor did my incision feel weird. However, I did feel like a teenager again with painful cramps and a super heavy period.
  • I got my first pp AF about 11 weeks after my c section and holy smokes, I've never bled so much in my life! It was like a crime scene. I definitely freaked out at first. No one had warned me that bleeding like that was normal. Thank goodness for the internet!
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  • Mine just showed up today 8 weeks PP. So unfair, I'm breast feeding and thought I would get at least a few more months before Aunt Flo's arrival. I have always had easy periods but had cramps and so far heavy bleeding with this one.
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  • Wow I got my period 7 months PP and it was normal.  Hope you start to feel better soon.

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    I am not breast feeding because my milk never came in.  Today is 6 weeks pp and boom...aunt flo shows up. 

    I can say I am yucky crampy- but nothing that isn't tolerable!  I am not happy for the visitor though! I was just getting my groove back!

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