TTC after 35


I have PCOS.  I was on metformin and Clomid when I conceived my DS.  Due to complications after delivery of my DS I haven't been on any form of birth control (except condoms & spermicide) since he was born.  We started TTC again in May 2012.  I have been on extended release metformin since I quit nursing in August 2011.  My cycles have been 28-29 days apart for the last couple of months.  This past cycle was 26 days long.  I just knew I was pregnant this time because I felt sensations in my breasts I haven't felt since I was lactating.  I also had some mild cramping when I should have ovulated.  Any thoughts about what's going on with my body?  I'll start Clomid in June if I don't get pregnant on my own.
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