Got a call!

Hi everyone, I mostly lurk here but need some advice and you all have been so helpful! We got a call about a little girl born yesterday and we are meeting the birthmother today at one! We are excited and scared all at once! 

If all goes well, we could be bringing a baby home tomorrow, what do we need? I had already purchased a PNP, and yesterday ran out and got a carseat, diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, and a few onesies. (All returnable if it doesn't work out)

any advice about meeting with the BM? TIA 

Re: Got a call!

  • Congrats! We had pretty much the same scenario.

    The night we brought DD home, DH left me with her for a couple hours while he cleaned out WalMart, LOL. Our big must-have at the time was a crib mattress. We had the crib, no mattress! We also had a

  • Congratulations!

    No advise about the BM meeting but as far as supplies, it sounds as though you have the essentials. I would make sure that you have some kind of sleeper. My DS2 LOVED the blanket sleepers when he was little and I felt very comfor

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  • How exciting!!  

    I agree that you'll probably want some sleepers.  This is all my girls wore the first couple of weeks, whether sleeping or not.  Also, either a swaddling blanket or a wearable blanket/sleep sack are important. &nbs

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    Fingers crossed all goes well.  Newborns don't need much and it sounds like you have it covered.  Just be yourself with the BM.  GL.

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  • So exciting! Sounds like you have the necessities. A swaddleme blanket was a lifesaver for us in the early days, but you should be able to swaddle in just a simple receiving blanket to start. But definitely some way to get that baby wrapped up into a baby
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  • How wonderful!  I hope it goes well! Smile
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  • It might be nice for you to bring a small gift to the BM.  The first time we met with DDs BM we took her some shampoo and body wash at the recommendation of our agency rep who was also present.  The BM had just moved into a new apt. and neede

  • How exciting, hope everything goes well this afternoon. No real advice, other than just try to be yourself with the mom. It sounds like you have the essentials covered. My mom friends (like the PP) have HIGHLY recommended the swaddleme/sleep blankets.
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  • Hope everything went great. 
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