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Paying it forward....Lupron donation

Happywifeofone was so kind to donate some Lupron to me.  However, I visited my primary doctor who said to put TTC on hold till I get some weight off of me.  I didn't think it was that bad, but since Athena Jane died, I have managed to gain 25 lbs and almost 200 lbs.  Scary! Tell me about it.  So, she wants me to lose about 40 before trying again and we all know that will NOT happen by June!

 So if you are in need of Lupron, please PM me and I will get this out to you ASAP.  It expires in June.

Im heartbroken about this, but know it is the right thing to do if I want to have a somewhat healthy pregnancy the next go around.


Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers Daisypath Anniversary tickers image Me - 41 DH - 28 **** Proud mom to Christopher, dob 7/15/92 **** Nathaniel dob 1/18/05 -1/18/05 (8 mos) in heaven **** bfp 8/26/10 m/c 10/14/10 at 7 wks. **** D&C 10/15/10 **** Cycles 1-4 BFN's **** Cycle #5 - 100 mg Clomid **** IUI #1 - 04/23/11 and 4/24/11 - 5/8/11 IUI #1 = BFFN BFP 10/14/11 - EDD 6/22/12** Stick little one Stick! Athena Jane 5/31/12 - 8/28/12

Re: Paying it forward....Lupron donation

  • I wish the best of luck!

    My Ovulation Chart

    Me: 41 DH: 46. We are TTC our 1st, started July '11,
    3 cycles clomid with Ob,
    1 cycle Tamoxifen with Ob,
    Diagnosed PCOS 11/5/12
    clomid, trigger & timed bd 12/12 BFN
    1st clomid IUI 1/4/13 BFN.
    2nd clomid IUI 2/13 cancelled didn't respond to clomid.
    3/15/13 scheduled laparoscopy & on bcp.

    May 10 IUI from injectibles - BFN 

    May 22 done with interventions it will either happen or it won't. 

    February 2014 No longer actively trying, but not preventing. 

    SURPISE BFP 4/2/2015!!!!!!!!!!

    Miscarriage 4/23/15


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