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Fitness Check-in

So let's get this started!  It looks like there will be a weight loss check-in, too.  We could probably combine the two lists, though maybe this could be less about numbers on the scale and more about exercise goals. 

1.  What's your exercise goal for next week?

2.  What's a long-term exercise goal?

3.  Why do you exercise?


Re: Fitness Check-in

  • Can I join?

    1. Get out EVERY day (I've been doing more like every other)

    2. Start running again

    3. To get my a$s back into my $$$ jean collection!  Stick out tongue

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  • First of all, I like the idea of this check-in being combined w/weight loss.  I'm not doing WW or any other specific diet.  I just basically eat a healthy diet.

    1. My goal for next week is to find a good DVD or 2 for mommy/baby work outs.  (Please recommend one!)

    2. In the long run, I plan to get back to yoga/pilates + cardio.  There's a Curves up the street which I'm considering joining after the new year when I start working part time on Saturdays & can afford the membership.

    3. I exercise to look good & feel good.   

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  • 1.  I'm not able to exercise yet, but once I get the ok from my dr. I'm back at it.  My goal for the next week is to just get out and maybe walk a little with Logan.  Does walking around Target count?  Smile

    2.  My long term goal is to get back into running.  I would like to get at least an hour of cardio in 4 - 6 times a week, plus I would love to get back to yoga if time permits.

    3.  I will be exercising to lose weight, but I also will be doing it to be healthy.  I think it is very important.  Both my parents are runners and they are in such great shape, you would never know they are 61 and 57 years old.  I want to be that healthy when I'm their age!

  • I'm not cleared to exercise yet but I hope to get out with Conner and walk once or twice in the next week.

    My long term goal is to run again. PP I ran 15 miles (minimum) per week. I loved it. I also need to be sure to start doing weight training again. I have core secrets and it is awesome!

    I exercise to lose weight and to feel better. I always feel great if I get out and exercise.

  • 1. get to the gym at least twice and get out to walk 3-4 additional times

    2. get back to doing my strength class 2x/week and start spinning again regularly

    3. I want my old body back!! We are going on vacation in February and I need to fit into my honeymoon clothes! Of course I want to feel healthy too.

    I just wrote a blog entry the other day about going back to the gym. You can click on "dear avery" below if you want to read it...?

  • 1. 2 days at the gym, 1 hour of yoga, 1 stroller strides class

    2.  Get back to running 18-20mi/week.  (Probably not until January)

    3.  So many reasons, but mostly because it really helps to regulate my moods.

  • Accountability is my friend :)

    1.  I'm not released from the doc yet.  I'd like to find a baby and me exercise video like 847 - any recs?

    2.  Work out twice/week for at least 30 minutes, walk the days the weather allows (trying to keep it realistic)

    3.  tone tummy and arms (I've lost the pg weight thanks to bf)

  • 1. 30 min on the eliptical at least 5 days, start lifting light weights

    2. to get into a real routine like i use to be

    3. to feel healthy and good about my body - also for stress relief

  • Can I join too?

    1.  I have a goal to continue 3 times per week with cardio and weights.  I just started again, due to back injury.

    2.  Long term, I want to stay in the groove throughout the winter.

    3. Health, and so my clothes fit. 

    Thanks for doing this!  And really good to see ya!  Much love, Jill

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