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Hey guys,


Anyone have any experience as a new father while still in college? By the time the baby come I will only have 3 semesters till I graduate (1 and a half years of school) and am commissioned as a officer in the Army, so I will be a new Dad for awhile before I have that steady source of income, not to mention I will be gone a lot from my girls (hoping for a daughter). I am super excited but scared shitless as well. Anyone got any advice for this dad-to-be? 

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  • I thought commissioned officers usually had a steady income? I know little about how the military actually works.

    Having a child is a big time commitment. You and your wife should definitely sit down and talk about how you each envision your time
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • I agree with Lucky when he said not to hope too hard for one gender or another.  It is out of your hands at this point and no matter if it a boy, girl or hermaphrodite, they are your child and deserve your love regardless.

    As far as the scho

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  • I commission upon my graduation, so that officer pay doesn't kick in till then. The baby is due this December so by the time I graduate and get commissioned my child will be 16 months old. We have talked it over and have a solid plan w
  • Spend as much time as you can with your family.  My dad had my sister while going to school and me while still in school a year later.  He had my brother while getting his PhD.  It is hard but doable.  With the wars winding down you

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