Sibling Adoption Update

Hi, all!  I know it's been forever, but I just wanted to update that everything did go through with adopting DDs biological sister.  C was born on March 22nd and placed with us at the hospital.  I haven't been around much, because we have had the most hectic month of our lives.  We moved across the country during the adoption, and the girls and I spent a few weeks living with my parents.  We are in our new house now as a family of four, though, and things are great! 

For thos who didn't see my first post, we were contacted by our agency asking if we would accept placement of DD's biological sister about 3 weeks before she was due.  This was completely unexpected, and we were not seeking to adopt again right now.  We somehow (miraculously!) were able to get our home study done and come up with the funds for the agency in time.  Now it feels as if this was always what we were supposed to do, and we couldn't feel more blessed.  I saw a few posts from others who are in similar situations with biological siblings, so I'm looking forward to sharing experiences with you!

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