what types of pages should I put in profile book

I am in the process of making our profile book, just wondering what types of pages to put in it? So far I have our jobs, home, about us, about me, about my husband, about family and friends,about our pets, random/fun facts and our favorite things.

should I add or take out anything?

Re: what types of pages should I put in profile book

  • Sounds good to me! That's all we had except that our agency required us to put in a blurb about how we manage money and our views on that, discipline, and education. But that's because we were required. Although in the 3 different birth moms we were invol

    :::Our Adoption Journey:::

    Evan James was born 1/24/13 and matched with us 2/20/13. The LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!
  • In my experience, this is somewhat agency-specific. When we were adopting, our profile "book" was 2 pages, so a lot of those things you mentioned were either left out, or were a single picture with a caption. I think the categories you have are good, a

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