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Which would you rather get?

I have 2 nephews with birthdays next month, one turning 4 and one turning 5.  We only see them a few times a year so I'm sort of stuck on what to get them.  I was going to get them stuff for the beach because we all spend a week at the beach together.  But our beach trip is not until the end of July and their party is mid May so I'm thinking it might be weird timing wise.  Then I was thinking about just doing a 'summer fun' sort of theme, nets, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a big ball, etc.  My questions are, if you have a preschool boy especially, would you rather get something like that or another generic car/truck/train/superhero toy?  And also, would it be odd to get them both pretty much the same thing?  They're not brothers but we are doing a joint party for the 2 of them and DD1. 
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Re: Which would you rather get?

  • I don't have insight into what the gift is, but I would think it would be better to get them the same or similar things if they're having a joint party so they don't compare as much. We had a joint first birthday for DS with our nephew and they got severa


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  • I like the summer fun stuff.

    Maybe you could send them a card for their birthdays and bring the stuff you bought with you when you go visit.

    I think it is even okay to buy the same/similar thing. It seems fair. I do this with my nieces and

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  • I would rather the summer stuff and actually just bought something similar for a birthday party DS is attending this weekend. I got a big "kit" from Target that has a bucket, shovels, and sand toys...then I threw in some bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

  • I'd ask their mom. See what they think. Maybe they already have a lot of outdoor stuff.

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  • We have a ton of beach things already since we have a sand box at home and we take our own sand toy's to the park. It seems like everytime we go somehwere the kids come home with another shovel and bucket. I would not want to get more of that.


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  • DS got a target gift card this year and thought it was the best thing ever.  He called it a credit card.  He is also into super heroes so costumes and figures are a big hit. You can never go wrong with legos.  They are both really
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  • DS got this for his birthday with his inital and made of his favorite colors. It's not your run of the mill superhero thing but maybe check to make sure they don't have one. He LOVES it and we now have to get one for DD b/c she is is his "sidekick" as

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