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I'm 38 and TTC again thru IVF.. I have a DS whom is 21months old.. I have my retrieval tomorrow and was just curious how many follicles you had at your retrieval.. I have 7 which is what I had last time and it only took one and it worked..

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  • Welcome and best of luck with your ET. I had 18 follicles but I was over stummulated and had OHSS. I do not recommend to have that many. 

    Best of luck!  

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  • I remember they retrieved 12 eggs with my IVF and 8 fertilized.  I can't remember how many follicles they told me I had before I went in.  I think they thought it was fewer.  Good luck!
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  • I haven't done IVF yet but good luck and welcome!
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  • Thanks everyone!! I'm so nervous and acting like I've never done this before!! I love having people who understand..
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