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I have been attempting to follow the no cry sleep solution book for sleep training my LO since he was about 4 months old. It seems like with age his sleeping habits are getting worse. He fights naps everyday and is now in the habit of taking two 30 min naps a day. We start his bedtime routine around 7:00 and he ends up not going to sleep until between 9:30 to 10:30. On top he wakes all night wanting to comfort nurse and then tries to wake for the day between 5 and 6 am. I feel like I am about to lose it! Please someone help....

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  • We tried the no cry sleep solution as well, because I was strongly against crying it out.  But it did not we tried the sleep lady shuffle....also did not work - my child cried hystericall

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  • Thank you for the advice!  I love his bedtime routine, we have so much fun and it's relaxing for both of us at the end of the day, but fighting him to sleep is not...

     I will definitely look into the ferber method and consider trying it

  • We used the Ferber method.  I read the "progressive waiting" chapter in the book over and over.  It really worked for us.  We started when my LO was 5 months old.  He got down to just waking once a night so I would give him a bottle an
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  • I feel like at some point, the baby is probably as annoyed as you are since they're constantly tired.  That stinks.  My daughter has been STTN since she was a month old, but the only way I got her to do it was by singing to her until she was cal
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  • We did the Ferber method and it was amazing!  After day 3 she didn't even cry any more and now goes down for bed and naps with little to no issue.  She also went from waking 10 times a night for her pacifier to sleeping through the night for 11-
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  • We did Ferber when DS was 4 months.  It was a nightmare to get him to nap every.single.time.  I'm SAHM and I found myself bouncing/rocking him for an hour just to get him to nap for 20 minutes.  We were both exhausted and miserable. &nbs

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  • We tried lots of techniques and gadgets and not until we found the Merlin Sleepsuit did we have success.  May not work for everyone, but has beenthe answer for us.  We are up to 8 hr stretches at night and two great naps per day.  We follow
  • Gotta recommend Ferber too.  Worked like an absolute dream for both of my kids. Sounds like your little one used to be able to sleep so he may just need a little refresher course on how to soothe himself back to sleep. This was the case for my gir


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  • yup. progressive waiting. best decision i ever made. (but make sure you read up on it. i read and followed the sleepeasy solution. but there is also ferber's book too).
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