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How much Therapy

How much Therapy does your Lo get?  I'm trying to figure out how much we need to do.  

My Son was Dx with ASD, SPD and ADHD and he is attending full day Autistic preschool for the last month.    He get's Private Speech 3 times a week and group speech and OT one time a week each. ABA therapy is done daily at school.  I have seen such an improvement over the last month it has been amazing.  Our NP from the local Children's hospital recommended that he get Private OT too which we have been on a waiting list for. He was getting Private ST before he started and we did want to continue too. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to fit in the extra therapies that have been recommend to us.

How do you know when to say he is getting enough ?  

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Re: How much Therapy

  • My 2.5-year-old has an autism diagnosis. We do thirty hours a week--twenty-eight hours 1:1 ABA at home and in a daycare setting, an hour of private speech, and an hour of EI speech. The neuro said at our follow up that on paper it's too much (forgetting,
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