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Birthday ?

My daughter is turning 4 this June, and I am trying to plan her party.  We just moved to Germany not too long ago, and we don't know a lot of people who have kids.  We have a few adult friends here, but no family. Should we even bother with a party?  What can we do to make this special for HER?  Just a family day out?  

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  • She has a couple of friends here.  We aren't involved in a play group yet and she doesn't start preschool until the Fall, so the social thing is something we really need to improve on.  

    We don't know the area very well and have mostly been to places that are on base.  (We are a military family)  Now that the weather is warming up, we are starting to venture out a little more but I still don't know a lot of places around here that are suitable for kids.  I have asked her what she would like to do, but she doesn't know either!  :(  I have suggested swimming, and it seemed to spark SOME interest.  I think she would LOVE to go to the local zoo or take a friend to the movies.  Thank you for the suggestions.

  • I'd let her pick all the meals that day. I'd also plan a fun family day to the zoo. Maybe also give her a birthday crown to wear all day.

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  • Last year DD2 really loved fish, swinging and noodles and I feel like she always gets handed down everything so even though we were having a party for her, on her actual birthday, we went to the playground (to swing), the petstore (to see fish), hit the party store to let her pick out a balloon and then ordered Chinese (noodles) for lunch.  Both girls really loved it and DD1 is actually requesting a similar setup this year.
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  • Kids just want to feel special. Fortunately, her favorite people right now are her family. Do as the others suggest and make a special breakfast, have a family fun day and make the day all about her. She'll love it!
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