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Does anyone have any suggestions on a good pregnancy books I can read? I read reviews that the book, What to Expect when you are expecting is not a good book. Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance

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    I just read the girlfriends guide to pregnancy and I think it was both informative and funny, but mostly funny!
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    I am reading what to expect and I like it, but there are a ton out there. I also heard the girlfriends guide was good.
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    loved girlfriends guide, hated what to expect.  you just reminded me i'm a couple of weeks behind on my "your pg week by week" 
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    The Mayo Clinic one -- Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, I think -- was my favorite. I was not a fan of WTE.
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    The Christian Mama's Guide to Having a Baby was cute and easy to read, felt like I was talking to an experienced mom and not a boring doctor. Guess its all on exactly what you're looking to read.
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    My husband and I picked up a few books last night after the gynecologist confirmed my pregnancy. He wound up getting The Caveman's Pregnancy Companion and I picked up Your Pregnancy Week by Week since I heard awful things about What to Expect.
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    I'm just curious, how come so many of you ladies don't like what to expect?  I'm reading it now, but haven't really seen anything yet that bothered/worried me, so I'm kinda curious what parts made you not like it?  (and I'm not being snarky btw,
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    Everything I've heard about it rubs me the wrong way. From what I understand, she isn't even a doctor but she ticks off all of these rare disorders and deformities your baby could have. Generally making the mother fearful and worried throughout&nb

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    I love Your Pregnancy: Week by Week. It goes into detail each week more than WTEWYE. Also, in the beginning weeks it gives you a picture of baby's actual size. I always liked looking at that.

    Girlfriend's Guide is funny and a "tell it like it is"

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    OOHH I actually bought Girlfriend's Guide last night! I like it, and think it's clever and funny. Your Pregnancy Week by Week is also fantastic as well. It's super informative. 

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