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Eating like a horse

My DS just took down a brick of turkey meatloaf (like 4" x 4") and veggies and is yelling at me for my food. I swear this kid eats more than I do! If he's eating like this now I think we might go homeless when he's a teenager.

Anyone else's lo eat like a horse?

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Re: Eating like a horse

  • My son eats a ton for breakfast.  He eats non stop from the time he's up until the next nap.  I give him a filling breakfast and today I also gave him half of a cereal bar and he kept wanting to snack on more dry cereal.  The doctor sa
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  • Same here! I can't open the fridge without him charging into the kitchen. My eight year old eats every hour when he's home and Dh says it's only going to get worse. I have four boys, I'm going to need two refrigerators and a part time job to feed them.<br
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  • all day. every day. he eats way more than I do. 
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  • Wow! You have a good eater. It's a good thing.

    My DD is not like that. She basically doens't eat breakfast. She'll chew on some cheerios and sip on some milk and that's it. She'll snack a bit later on. Lunch is hit and miss but mostly hardly a

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  • Rain eats like a champ. And she'll eat just about anything, as in I have yet to really find a food she won't digest. She's not big on lunch, though. I think it's partly because of my schedule with her. I work starting in the afternoon and she gets up very
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