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something for dad

so would you guys rather get new camping equipment or golfing equipment? i guess there are only going to be golf guys or outdoorsy camping guys, but im hoping their are those who are both to help me out!

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  • or a new electric razor??? i guess i forgot that he needs a new one! i guess this one would be mostly for me because his old one leaves him really stubbl

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    Depends on what I already have and may want.  Can you be more specific?

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  • I am always in the mood to get a new driver.... (but i'd suggest taking him to buy the golf equipment or a gift card as it's all very personalized how the club feels).
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  • What is the reason and what is in your budget?  That will decide for me what I would want.  My family puts paying off debt and family time above hobbies at this point in our life.

     If you have the resources I would say camping equi

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  • Indeed - but I still want a new driver.......
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    Maybe you guys should request spam detectors for Father's Day? ;)

    We get so litt

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