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Hi Ladies,

 I've only posted a time or two here.  My DS is in EI for Speech, OT and SI.  He also receives Speech and OT once a week privately.  He will be turning 3 soon and I have his IU EVAL  tomorrow.  One of his speech therapists doesn't think he'll qualify for speech since in the last month he has had a speech explosion and his vocabulary is expanding.  He is starting to put up to 4 words together as well.   I would like him to continue receiving services to work on pragmatic language, tenses, expressive speech, etc.  Any tips on how to make sure I am communicating this accurately?

We don't have a formal diagnosis, but are seeing a dev. ped. in July for a possible ASD or SPD diagnosis. 


Re: IU Speech Eval.

  • My son is turning 3 in June and we have begun the process of transitioning into early preschool to continue ST.  My son'd dx is SPD and speech delay. My ST went back and forth as to if he would qualify or not, because my son also has had a recent

  • We had a similar dilemma. My son was rather severely receptive/expressive language delay (functioning at nine month old level overall) at twenty months and started with ei. At 32 months he retested with scores above the 50th percentile across the boa
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  • My son had a language acquisition burst just before ETR time, too. In fact, the PLS didn't show that he had much of a delay in expressive language because the PLS doesn't take into account whether the child's utterances are generative or scripted. Sure

  • Thank you all for your suggestions.  He doesn't qualify for continued ST through the IU now.  I guess I'm ok with that based on the fact that he is really starting to put three and four word sentences together spontaneously.


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