TTC after 35

said I was going, but I lied...

January was going to be our last month TTC, our insurance doesn't cover any infertility treatment, we have two beautiful children, we were going to cut our losses.

but somehow we just couldn't...

Dr. said we could try Clomid. DH and I agreed 3-4 months and that's it. Cycle 1 was a bust. Currently, 8 dpo in cycle #2. Progesterone level at 4dpo (52.7) confirmed ovulation and now we wait. I was calm and planning to test on Friday if my chart looked good and now the RN from the doctor's office just asked me if I'd tested yet. Now it's all I can think about.

If you read this far, thank you for listening. You are all amazing women and I wish you all the best. 


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Re: said I was going, but I lied...

  • Good luck!



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  • Hope you get it this month!

    My Ovulation Chart

    Me: 41 DH: 46. We are TTC our 1st, started July '11,
    3 cycles clomid with Ob,
    1 cycle Tamoxifen with Ob,
    Diagnosed PCOS 11/5/12
    clomid, trigger & timed bd 12/12 BFN
    1st clomid IUI 1/4/13 BFN.
    2nd clomid IUI 2/13 cancelled didn't respond to clomid.
    3/15/13 scheduled laparoscopy & on bcp.

    May 10 IUI from injectibles - BFN 

    May 22 done with interventions it will either happen or it won't. 

    February 2014 No longer actively trying, but not preventing. 

    SURPISE BFP 4/2/2015!!!!!!!!!!

    Miscarriage 4/23/15


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  • Good Luck I hope everything is going your way this month.
  • Good luck!!!
    Elizabeth 5yrs old Jane 3yrs old

  • Good Luck!! Did you have to wait 3 months after Cycle #1 to start Cycle #2?
  • No, we tried on our own Feb (doctor's appts, Rx, etc) and started Clomid in March. 
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  • MCH77MCH77 member
    Good luck!!!

    BFP #1 March 24, 2010; missed m/c May 26, 2010 @ 12w 4d; D&E May 28, 2010

    BFP #2 Oct 20, 2010; My little boy was born on July 5, 2011

    BFP #3 April 30, 2013; Chemical Pg May 5, 2013

    BFP #4 Aug 22, 2013; It's a boy.  Loss discovered at 24 weeks on Jan 15, 2014 (cause CMV virus)    

                                  <3 We love and miss you Timothy <3

    BFP #5 April 6, 2014; missed m/c May 15, 2014 @ 9 weeks; Misoprostol May 15, 2014; D&C May June 3, 2014

  • Good Luck to you! Hopefully you'll get that BFP!
                                     *******SIGGY WARNING/Chlidren mentioned***********

                                                         ME: 41 ----- DH: 43
                                                       MARRIED: 5/3/14
                                                   DS,17   DD,16   DD,12   DS,10
                                                               TR: 4-2-12
                                             TTC our 1st love child! No luck so far! 
  • Wishing the best of luck.  
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    Me-39, HSG 2/13- clear. DS-IUI #1-3/13,300iu Menopur 12 days,3 days Cetrotide, Ovidrel Trigger-BFN. IUI #2 06/13, BFP EDD: 02/22/14 m/c (cp), IUI #3- BFP EDD: 5/17/14 m/c 09/13. Blood work/RPL panel- nk cell/MTHFR mutation- negative. Blood work all good. Unexplained reason for m/c. IUI #4 BFP m/c (cp) 10/13. IUI #5- 12/13 Cancelled. No response. (1)follicle. IUI #5.1- 2/14. IVF Bound

    ********************SAIF/ PAIF/ ALL ARE WELCOME***********************
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