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Bottles and Pacis - how did you do it?

I have to admit that I haven't managed to get DD off the bottle and the paci yet. She still gets a bottle at night and in the morning. She is crying and screaming for it and will not go to sleep. The morning bottle is not an every day thing so I guess I can say it's getting better??? Embarrassed

The paci is the same story. She needs it to sleep and to nap. It's more to go down then it's out for the rest of the night/nap. And she will ask for it during the day if she sees it, so I try and keep it out of sight. I do give it to her during the day at certain circumstances such as pain due to teething. That is sometimes the only thing that will calm her down.

But I just feel like I"m not "aggressive" enough about this and need to just bite the bullet and do it. I'm just so hesitant and am torn between letting her slowly ween herself and realizing that it may not happen and I simply need to take it away and weather the storm with her.

What has your experience been and what have you done? Any input is much appreciated :)

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Re: Bottles and Pacis - how did you do it?

  • I'm glad you posted this, we're still on a night bottle and he gets pacis. He's teething like crazy and in a lot of pain so feel bad taking it away for naps/night time. As for the bottle that's the only milk he'll drink all day, he won't drink WCM in the sippy I've tried everything. Having to give him yogurt and cheese for now, fun. Hope you get some good responses.
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  • We just went cold turkey. My friend on Facebook posted her daughter quit the bottle and I thought goodness she's younger than my boy. So K had his 15 month appt. last Monday and he's in the 90% for weight so he's healthy and he refuses to drink milk out of a sippy cup so I just make sure he gets yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese everyday and hope he will drink milk some day. He still is addicted to the paci but I will figure that out later. I think I will just limit it to his bedroom for sleeping and diaper changes and cut it out for the rest of the house. One thing at a time...
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  • We took away daytime bottles for a couple weeks, then took away the morning and night bottles at the same time. DD was off bottles just before she turned 1.

    She still gets a pacifier for naps and bed. She asks for it if she sees it so we keep them up high where she can't. She knows they stay upstairs and spits it out into my hand just before we leave her room. We will take those away cold turkey this summer when I'm home over break.

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  • Don't worry about the soother.  If she just has it for naps & bed then it's not going to do any damage.  It's a soothing thing for her and I wouldn't push it right now.  My oldest didn't give up her bedtime/naptime soother until just a couple of months ago and I'm not planning on making my youngest give it up anytime soon either.  It's much easier to have them give it up when they can reason with you about why they can't have it anymore.

    The bottle I have always stopped cold turkey.  Both of them only had one bottle a day at 15 months and then I just stopped it and never had an issue, so I don't have a whole lot of advice there.

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  • Thanks everyone!

    Well I may have found the miracle sippy that will get DD off the bottle :D

    It's a Nuk one. She has hard nipple sippies and does perfectly fine with them. (She just wants that night time bottle more than anything!) This one however (it's for 12+ months so appropriate for her age), has a flatter nipple but still a softer silicone one. She's been drinking out of that one last night and never asked for her bottle! That is the first time! So I'm putting the bottles away today!!! Obviously she can do without them without throwing a fit so we are going for it!

    During the day she'll get the hard nipple one (she does like to nibble on the soft ones so I want to get her transitioned to those sooner rather than later) and she'll get this Nuk one for evening.

    The paci, like PP said, will be next as I do want to keep it one thing at a time. But maybe this bottle thing won't be that hard after all! :)

    It's funny, I do believe in the cold turkey approach but I'm a total chicken when it comes to those two things with DD.... :/

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  • I stopped the bottle completely and pretty much cold turkey a few months ago. She really hates WCM, though, so like the other posters I have had to supplement with yogurt and cheese too. Although I have found she will drink it occasionally if it's from a straw, but definitely not from a sippy cup.

    I am still struggling with taking away the paci. She has been only receiving it for naps and bedtime, but like you said, if she sees it, she wants it.

    I tried to take it completely away a couple of weeks ago, and she screamed like when we first sleep-trained. So I'm giving her a couple more weeks.

     I have mixed feelings on pacifiers, but I really draw the line at when I see a kid that could easily pass as a kindergartener walking around with one in public. 

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  • I dropped everything but the morning and bedtime bottles after my daughter turned 1 for about a week, but was afraid to drop those right away because she was drinking enough out of the sippy cups. I figured I'd wait until she started regular milk. We got lucky, though, because then we visited my aunt in FL and bc it was so hot she started using the sippy cups a ton. She was downing like 3 cups of milk a day to stay hydrated in the heat, so the second night I tried just not giving the bottle, bc she certainly didn't need more milk, and she (to my surprise) didn't notice! So at that point I just started only giving her the cups and she never said a word about the bottles. The pacifiers we only use for sleep and car and I'm fine with that bc I was told it won't affect their teeth permanently under 4, and its fine as long as you're not letting them try to talk with it in their mouth (that can mess w their speech development).
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