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Hi folks,

 I need some help here--- My emom is awesome. We've been talking with her about her birth plan--- She'd like to work with a doula.  Of course, we're supportive of this because it's her pregnancy and her birth! But my question is, have any of you had your birth moms work with a doula? What does that experience become like? Was the doula supportive of the adoption plan etc. 



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Re: Emoms Birth Plan

  • I'm a birthmother who used a doula since the birth father was not in the picture and I didn't want to depend on my parents for comfort. :)

    After hiring the doula, we met probably 2-3 times during the pregnancy, before the birth, to discuss my ide

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  • mnello,


    Thanks so much for your response. That's heartening to hear. We really want our emom to be so supported and cared for during such a life changing event. And we don't want her to have to rely on us (though we're happy to be s

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  • Curious-- where is she delivering (state/area)?  
    Can you network and find a doula that is passionate about adoption?
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  • In NYC. I've put some feelers out and found some folks. I basically just want to give her a list of folks who'd be ok for her. The situation is super unique in ways that I'm not sharing publicly, so we really want someone who will be supportive of her. <b
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  • The Doula Project is in NYC and they provide adoption doula services to expectant mothers planning adoption.
  • Hi Tiny,


    Thanks I emailed them yesterday and haven't heard a response from them. I did note though that they work with Spence-Chapin (an agency I chose not to work with because of their long waits to get into their preparatory classe

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  • I am a doula so I think it would be wonderful for the emom to have a doula.  There are many who specialize in adoption or have experience in that area. 

     One of the roles of a doula is to be a knowledgeable person to walk the jour

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  • Thanks! I'm compiling a list for her at her request. And the flat out questions are: are you comfortable with queer families and are you familiar with adoption triads. Everyone has so far said yes to both questions. I'll give her the list and see how s

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