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3 months to go, and I have NOTHING! Help?

 HELP? Like the title says I'm 25 weeks pregnant, with a girl and I have NOTHING for her and no family to speak of for help getting anything I need. I have a 2 year old boy, but all of his stuff was sold at a yard sale last summer (thinking I was done with babies) {{{kicking myself}}} even his crib is gone, but that thing was junk so I wouldn't use it again anyway, it felt unsafe. I'm from Boston, but live in Manchester now. I don't know anyone, so as far as adult conversation..that's a joke. I don't know any other Mom's.. OK I'm getting off topic here- scatter brain.  Where was I going with this..oh yeah, help with getting necessities, all things that a baby girl needs, from nursery stuff to clothing. issue is (and this is extremely embarrassing to admit, but ever since my fiance' lost his job and his customers (due to his former boss making some very poor decisions), I am broke. OK there, I said it. I was raised to never ask for anything for myself, so this is very hard, but I am asking for help for this baby (who didn't even ask to be here). I'm terrified that she will be born, brought home from the hospital to nothing. Of course I never wanted 'second hand' stuff for my baby, but now I see I can't be picky. So if anyone can help with a list of places that either donate free baby items, or sell them very cheap, please send me a personal message or reply to this post. I greatly appreciate any and all help or suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to read this. ~Janell

Re: 3 months to go, and I have NOTHING! Help?

  • There are the obvious places you can look up. Churchs etc.

    You can just do random searhes online for your area and click what comes up. Like, help with _____ in manchester nh. 

    Craigslist has a free section....

    There are clothing and food pantries..... salvation army. If you really want to find something it isnt that difficult. You obviously have internet access so advocate for yourself and your needs and look things up.

    If youre 25 weeks, you have 15 left which is more then 3 months.... most people dont have much by this point. You have More than enough time left to get what your baby needs if you really want to. 


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  • I frequently go to the Good Will store in Derry on rt 28. The pickings are sometimes slim but once in a while you can find something really worthwhile. I got a lot of my maternity clothes there, (my fave find was a pair of gap maternity jeans) and they're all just $5 each item!! Also try Savers, I know there's one in Manchester I believe on S Willow St. These places won't have free stuff for sure but a serious discount can help. And it's almost yard sale season as well so don't be afraid to scout them out, people bought your stuff right? As far as a crib is concerned, baby girl won't need one for at least the first 6 months, try to find a decent pack n play that will be multi-purpose to save money there. I'm not sure about exact locations of any second hand stores in the area as I haven't lived in this area long myself. Good luck, and you have plenty of time to scout stuff out!!
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  • Calvary Bible Church in Derry has Renew which offers free baby and children clothing.  Every thing is gently used and they have  ton of stuff. It's amazing.  Here is the information:  Contact: Email [email protected], call the church office at 434-1516

    I would also check craigslist, yard/garage sales and consignment stores/sells. Bedford has an amazing consignment sale 2 times a year. They just had one in April but they should have another one is October.  Here's the website: http://www.totstoteensnh.com/.  My MIL got a pack n play in great condition w/ all the bells and whistles for $25. They have great stuff. I don't know what kind of insurance you have, but if you are on Medicaid I would call them and ask if they could refer you to community resources to help you out.  Also, your OB/GYN and hospital might also have some ideas for you.  You could always talk to the social worker at the hospital you are going to deliver at. They most definitely should have some ideas.  Oh and DCYF (Department Children Youth and Families) is also a great resource. Give them a call and ask if you could speak to a social worker about community resources. A lot of times these agencies have bad reputations but they are a great resource.

    FYI: I am a social worker myself and work with mostly medicaid children and families in the state of Mass.  You could also call all the same resources for Mass too. I know Mass will be responsive I don't know too much about NH.

    Hope this helps :)

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  • I have a GRACO Bassinet (pink and White) it's older, but it works. If you want it... [email protected]
  • Thank you Lyndsey, i'll email you Smile

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