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Info regarding Kingstowne, VA

The husband is being transferred to DC for work in a few months. We decided to rent first to get to know the location. The real estate agent we are using provided us with many townhouses in the Kingstowne area. We are going next month to view as much as we can and most likely sign a lease. Does anyone have any information regarding Kingstowne? The pictures showed access to a lot of restaurants and shopping and it looked nice but I would like to know what people from the area think. Thank you!

 Also, I will have a one year old and be a stay at home so I'm hoping to find out any information regarding if it is child friendly. For instance, parks, playgrounds and safe neighborhoods for strolls? 

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Re: Info regarding Kingstowne, VA

  • My Fiance and I just moved to Kingstowne.  It's a really nice area.  Lots of areas to walk.  The shopping center has restaurants, shops, and grocery stores. 

    It's a safe area for families and I love living here.  I just can't wait for my LO to arrive in November!

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  • Thank you. I'm excited about the move and this makes me feel a lot better :)
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  • Hi, I lived there 2 years ago. I lived at the Edgemoore apartments, I'd recommend to stay away from there. But if it has improved since 2010 and the price is reasonable, staying there for a year won't kill you, the location is great. The area is nice.



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    The area is nice. It is family friendly, safe and close to restaurants and shopping. There are many other nice areas too so if you don't like the townhouses you see there are always other placesnto look into but that all depends on your price range.
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    I live in Kingstowne also.  We have been in our townhome for about 1.5 years.  We moved there from closer to the city and were worried about being too far, but all has worked out well.  We really like the area.  Along with all that is already there, there is a large shopping center coming to the Beulah/Telegraph intersection and the Springfield Mall is being renovated as well.  The area is still up and coming but has grown so much already.
  • We lived in Kingstowne for 6.5 years and just bought our first house in Loudoun County (much further west).  Kingstowne never felt "right" to me.  But it is a nice community with a big shopping center.  Stay away from the apartment communities and rent a townhouse.


    ETA:  also wanted to recommend my OB - they have three offices in the area, one being in Kingstowne.  Drs. Kusic, Hou, Kiszkiel, Tran, Stas and Hibschmann on Walker Lane.

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  • We just bought our first house in the Kingstowne area and love it. I have lived in Northern Virginia my entire life, and its one of the areas we frequent the most. There is great retail, nice grocery stores (the Safeway is fantastic) and I have always felt pretty safe walking around there alone or with my family. If you are going to buy, i suggest doing it sooner than later because prices have generally gone up instead of down. I don't know your income, but another nice place to live is Cameron Station in Alexandria, my parents lived there for 10 years and its only grown. Its very kid friendly, and our daughter went to the school for 4 years in the community. Also, Bright Start Day Care--its a bit pricey but a great day care. Also, a bit down the road from Kingstowne is Huntley Meadows nature park which is a great place to walk with kids and dogs. You can see a whole lot of animals there like turtles, beavers, cranes and more. I love this area, and attended Fairfax county schools. They're some of the best in the nation. :)
  • Oh and as far as OB's in the area, I go to OBGYN Associates of Alexandria in the INOVA Healthplex on Walker lane. Dr. Santiago and Dr. Agarwal are wonderful!! I have been going there since i was 18, and I'm nearly 31.
  • Thank you everyone for your awesome advice. The moved date has been bumped back to February since we're expecting a second baby in December :) We're flying down in a week to look around. All your advice is great!
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  • I live in Franconia, 5 minutes from Kingstowne.  (My water actually broke at the theater there. :) ) I love Kingstowne for the reasons everyone else listed.  Convenient shopping, good schools, and not too "city like."  Plus Old Town Alexandria is within 15 minutes and I love that area, too.

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