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Back From Vacation

First off - Italy: GO! Awesome place to visit. We did 3 nights in Rome, 3 in Venice, 3 in Siena, 4 in the Cinque Terre and 2 more in Rome.

My wife was pretty sick at the front end but luckily was put on Zofran to help keep it under control. By the end was was doing much better.

Part of the issue was also the trip was over the same time as our miscarriage in December - Week 11. Our new OB - who we switched too after not the best luck with our previous midwife -  got us a US just before we left to keep our minds at ease, and because my wife continued to have spotting.

Thank goodness the spotting ended almost as soon as we got to Italy. And we had so much fun it helped the 2 weeks go fast, and now we are at the precipice of Week 13 and the end of the 1st Trimester.

We have an NT scan in the am tomorrow, and were able to hear the heartbeat last night with a home Doppler.  So while up until now we've been trying to not look past the trip so not get our hopes up, we are finally starting to give thought to the next 6 months and beyond!

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Re: Back From Vacation

  • Welcome back and glad you had fun.  Italy is definitely on my short list of places to go abroad.  Glad to hear things are going well and hope the NT scan goes well and allows you both to relax and enjoy the next 6 months.
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    Glad you guys enjoyed the trip!  My wife really wants to go back to Italy.  I've never been.

    Hope your appointment tomorrow goes well.  Sounds like things are improving!

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  • Definitely improving, just wish we could get her off the Zofran. We tried to skip it this am, and it went poorly. Going to try again this afternoon and skip her second pill.

    The crazy part now is we are suddenly faced with all the big realities of having a baby and the realization it is really going to happen. So we're trying to get some lists going to get organized since we refused to think this far ahead until now. Suddenly 6 months doesn't sound like enough time LOL.

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  • It does seem to fly by fast, but don't overwhelm yourself too much, you do indeed have some time to get things accomplished.  By 5 months you should have the nursery at least started and registries finished.  By 7 months hopefully you have the room done (minus anything you may be waiting on via shower) and then all you really have to do is wait and get the stuff that didn't come in via baby showers.
  • Thanks. She didn't take her am pill the other day to see how it would go, and it did not go well. She was nauseous and throwing up. So back on the Zofran she went. 

    NT scan went good - we're still waiting on the blood work, but the other 2 variables (maternal age and the space in the back of the baby's neck) were both below concern levels - so unless her hormone level is REALLY low (which based on all the nausea it is not) then we are out of the woods on those issues.

    Baby was measuring right where they were supposed to be - maybe even a little bigger, with a good heartbeat of 155. SO we're feeling pretty good at this point. Yesterday was 13 weeks, so its starting to feel like we are finally out of the "danger zone" and this pregnancy is really going to happen. Plus her spotting and bleeding finally ended right before we left on vacation (after going non-stop for close to 4 weeks) so we're finally allowing ourselves to look down the line towards what's next. 

    OB visit Thursday, and then I guess the next biggie is anatomy scan.

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    That's great news!

  • Now we are just anxiously awaiting the official word (which we are assuming is good news). Once we have it - we'll be ready to go a little more "public" with the news.
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  • How is traveling in Italy with a pregnant woman, like are there a lot of uneven steps at the tourist attractions?  My wife will be 21 weeks along when we go in July.  I did book one of those bus tours marketed towards older folks so that should help.
  • The older spot can be pretty rough - lots of uneven streets. Bathrooms are also hard to find - and it will be very hot in July to lots of water. Bring a bottle - there are public fountains everywhere with clean water.

    Other then that you will be fine. Just give yourself lots of time. 

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  • Welcome back!  Glad that you had a good time with no worries.

    Now that you are back, enjoy the ride and start getting prepared.


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