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Cary First Time Mom- Need recommendations!


Just moved to the Cary area, and looking for a great ob/gyn. Any suggestions? 

Thanks a lot!

Re: Cary First Time Mom- Need recommendations!

  • Triangle physicians for women is what I have been using.

    currently I'm rotating around to get to know other doctors/ midwives to see who I'll feel comfortable with. It's in Cary in Waverly place.  

  • I go to Centre OBGYN. Not far from Cary by Rex Hospital.


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  • Dr.Gregory Brannon. He's fantastic!!! Truly cares!! His office is in Cary.
  • I too am hoping to get some's really hard when you start looking online and reading all the horror stories about these doctors so any new suggestions are welcome!
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  • I are Dr Welch and he's great. He's a solo practice so I only see him and he's very open to how you want to deliver.

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  • I've been going to Wilkerson OBGYN at Rex Hospital for 10 years, seeing Dr. Roche. She is a fantastic doctor who really listens. All of the other doctors in the practice seem really good too. I just found out last week I am pregnant so I have my first ultrasound with Dr. Flannigan on June 10. : Dr. Mong delivered my cousin's first baby and did a great job. The nurses are great too.
  • I love triangle physicians for women I can't deliver with them since we are moving to ft. Bragg but I loved them
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    I love triangle physicians for women I can't deliver with them since we are moving to ft. Bragg but I loved them

     Who was your favorite there? 

  • Triangle Physicians for Women - Right near Wake Med in Cary. I've had a great experience with them so far. I'm 8 months pregnant.

  • I was with Triangle Physicians for Women during pregnancy (well, technically it was just Triangle, as it was right before the merger).

    I saw all the midwives on staff at the time and the OB, and I liked them.  


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  • I've been going to Triangle Physicians for Women too.  I will actually have my first OB appointment on the 22nd with Dr. Lucy.  I've seen the Lab and 2 ultrasound techs as well as the office staff and they are great.  If the Doctors are anything like their staff then this should be a great experience.  So far I love them!
  • I absolutely love Atrium OB/GYN. Centre , mid-carolina and raleigh obgyn are also good. I work in the birth center at Rex.
  • I'll second Wilkerson. I love everyone there.
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  • Triangle Physicians for Women. I wanted to deliver at WakeMed Cary, and I wanted a practice that included midwives. I've had great experiences with them so far, I've been to the office once as a GYN patient (I actually saw one of the midwives and she was great), and 3 times for OB including my confirmation ultrasound. I'm choosing Cary over Rex for two reasons, one they have a lower C-section rate than Rex, and because I work for WakeMed and it makes my bill much lower (which I actually did not know until after I started going to the OB). 
    When you choose your practice you also are choosing where you will deliver, so look into that too.
  • I use Capital Area OB, located next to Rex.  So far I haven't met a dr there I haven't liked and I think that they have a great staff.  As PP said, make sure you chose a doc that is associated with the hospital you want to deliver at, I want to deliver at Rex so that influence my decision.
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  • I'm pregnant with my second and sticking with Mid-Carolina. Love all the doctors and nurses there! They deliver at Rex, which has a phenomenal nursing staff. They were all super sweet and very attentive. And the food is awesome, just a bonus :)
  • I'm going to Cary OBGYN/Women's Health Alliance which is in Waverly Place, same intersection as Cary WakeMed and will deliver there.  I've had a great experience so far!  I also love how they have their practice set up! 
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  • I go to Mid Carolina and they are great.  They delivered my first and are located at Rex Hospital.  Wilkerson OBGYN is in the same building and I personally know several women that go there and they love it.  I will only go to someone that delivers at Rex because I personally do not like the Wake Meds at all!!!
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  • lamcoxlamcox member
    I'm going to Triangle Physicians for Women in Cary.  I chose them because my cousin used them for her recent care and raved about them.  I've been very happy so far, although I had to wait over an hour for my last appointment.  They told me it's because there happened to be a lot of babies born that day...lots of providers got called over to help out. 

    I toured Wake Med Raleigh before settling on a practice and while they have all the support/resources for high risk babies, getting in and out of there was a nightmare and I thought it would just be horrible for my out-of-town family to come and visit.  My SIL had her baby at Rex and I was there for her labor and delivery and didn't get a good, warm, fuzzy vibe at all. Maybe it was just her team of doctors/nurses, but it wasn't good.  My cousin had her baby at Wake Med Cary and was very pleased.  I plan on touring there soon.
  • I go to TP4W too.  I honestly love it.  I've met all of the midwives and the OB and they are all extremely personable and always willing to answer your questions, however silly you may think it is.  I went with them because I started going there for GYN visits until I got pregnant.  Overall everyone there is so welcoming and friendly, which was really important to me.  I highly recommend them.
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