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Hi Everyone,

I don't post on the bump often, and rarely this board as it was pretty inactive when I had my son.  However, we are entering the tantrum stage and I am looking to reach out to more moms.   

I am a former special education teacher now stay at home mom to my 19 month old.  I currently work super part time at the hospital as a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor.  It is a great job and helps me balance being a stay at home mom and also an individual.  My husband works a little over an hour away and long hours, so it's just me and my son a lot of the time.  We try to get out to stay and plays and story time, but J is "spirited" and with the tantrums, I've been finding myself staying home more and just going to the park.

I hope to use this as a resource for support and local information. :) 


Re: intro

  • Hi and welcome!! Sounds like a normal stage your son is going through.

    That is cool that you are a Breastfeeding peer counselor, I am trying to continue pumping for the next few months for my son, trying to make it to a year,

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