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Still Nervous About DD#1 with DD#2

A couple months ago I posted on another wall about how I am nervous about how DD#1 will act around DD#2. She likes to throw her hands down and smack things. Everyone said give it time and give her a doll but all she foes is throw it. She doesnt even really get that Im having another one. She'll be about 20 months by the time LO is born. What were your guys' experiences? Shes also getting the terrible twos tantrums right now too :/
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Re: Still Nervous About DD#1 with DD#2

  • My ds2 and ds3 are 20 months apart (ds1 and ds2 are 15mths apart). DS2 has had more jealousy about ds3 then ds1 ever did when ds2 came along. I think some of it is personality, some of it is age and some of it is he was a momma's boy big time before ds

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