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35 week..

So i'm 35 weeks tomorrow already. I'm getting more and more excited and nervous in the same time. I have 2 questions want to ask you guys.

1. I have no contact with BD anymore for 4 months already. Who should I have with me in the delivery room other than my parents?

2.  I have swollen ankles, should I start wearing flip flops or flats to work (I work at a financial company)? 

 Thank you for taking time reading this:)

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Re: 35 week..

  • 1.) whoever you feel comfortable with being in the delivery room with you. Honestly, i will probably have no one in the room with me. But, do you have a sister or a cousin or a good friend you're really close to? I would love to have my sister in the r

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  • I agree with inthelost.  My mom and my sister are going to be with me.  BD's parents and I still keep in touch and they insist on being  at the hospital but I'm not letting them in the room with me. 

    And definitely ask your bo

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  • 1. I'm going to have my mom and  then a good friend to be my birth coach. 

    2. Ask your boss about the shoes, but f you don't think that will work, get a note from the doctor:) 

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